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How jewelry is mass produced

Dec 12,2022 | BilngRunway

Do you know how a brilliant piece of jewelry is born? Every piece of jewelry is infused with soul by designers and manufacturers, and their birth requires very complicated process steps. Below we will reveal to you the whole process of jewelry from design to finished product.

Raw material selection: The first is to select raw materials. According to the requirements of the design works, gems, diamonds, gold, silver, and other materials are selected.


Gold material: 


Silver material:

Such gold/ silver material can not be used directly, you need to melt the gold/silver into liquid gold/silver



This is a rough amethyst and cannot be inlaid directly. It needs to be cut into the shape of a gemstone.

The raw materials are ready, and then the jewelry style is needed.
Conception and design: The designer communicates with the customer, draws the style image of the design concept, the customer determines the style of the design work, and hands it over to a skilled master for production.

Plate-making: Plate-making master will start plate-making according to the proportion of the design drawing and the requirements of the factory after getting the design drawing. There are three ways to set up a plate: metalworking, wax carving and computer setting. Commonly used is the computer version. Computer plate can measure and calculate the model of the material specification and weight; Not surprisingly, it also has accurate modeling accuracy to ensure production costs and rapid prototyping requirements.

Spray blue wax resin: After the computer version, the computer built model into the wax spray machine or resin machine to pour out the wax version.

Die pressing: If the work needs mass production only need die pressing. The jewelry sample is sandwiched with a rubber sheet, the raw film is inserted into a pre-selected aluminum frame, and the pressed sample is filled with broken film. After pressing in the rubber with a hot press, the film is cut with a scalpel according to certain technical rules, and the so-called rubber mold is made by taking out the jewelry sample.

Casting: First, the wax tree is fixed in the casting cage, and placed on the vacuum machine to vacuum, after taking it out, it is poured into the casting cage, and then after steaming the wax, it is put into the oven for gypsum baking. Gradually heating up process can complete the baking of gypsum and make gypsum mold. The metal material and the filler are heated in the gold melting furnace. When the alloy is completely melted and stirred, the gold water is cast into the gypsum of the vacuum machine or the centrifugal casting machine. After cooling, the blank of the jewelry is made.

Mold handling: A professional jeweler uses a crane to modify the surface of the blank jewelry into a basic shape. The pre-cut sandpaper is installed on the crane head of the crane, and the surface of the jewelry is polished and shaped. If necessary, the hand-inch is reformed according to the standard scale, welded by the water welding machine, and the welding opening of the modified hand-inch is filed down to prevent deformation, so that the surface can be smooth, bright, no deformation, no sand and sand holes, clear lines, sharp edges and corners, and no hair defects. A magnetic polishing machine is used for flapping needles to make them brighter.


Stone inlay: There are many kinds of inlaying methods for jewelry inlay, commonly used are bag inlay, claw inlay, nail inlay, nail inlay, forced inlay, wipe inlay, tiger claw inlay. Professional teachers in the jewelry inlaying department use special inlaying tools to fix diamonds and gems on the jewelry, in strict accordance with the initial design of the jewelry, to achieve a perfect effect precisely consistent with the design drawings; At the same time, there are strict quality department staff to check the inlaid jewelry to ensure good quality; At this point, the step of making the jewelry is complete.

Currently, this step cannot be done by machine, the fineness of the jewelry depends on the proficiency of the craftsman

Polishing electric gold: semi-finished jewelry is polished by special polishing, and the surface is treated again to remove metal dust and trachoma on the surface of jewelry products, making it more bright. In order to improve the brightness of jewelry, an electro gold machine and a special plating solution for jewelry are used to produce the finished coating.

QC quality inspection: QC is the final check, checking the finished products, and beautiful jewelry is born after being correct. If it doesn't pass then it will be re-melted into liquid metal and remade

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