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5 reasons that Zicrons are your destiny choice

    Zircon is known to be a grounding stone that inspires and motivates and gives guidance when guidance is needed, therefore helping to achieve one's goals. Zircon has also been known to bring prosperity, especially with stones that contain golden or yellow colors.


    Different colors and symbolic meanings give everyone a twelve-star stone that fits their own personalities. So what does the December star-stone symbolize? The following will be introduced by BlingRunway.


January Starlite Energy Red Zircon

Signs energy, affection, and friendliness. Children in January are like a raging bonfire, freeing up the infinite energy of nature, such as starlight flames, hot emotions, and infinite energy are your personality charm.

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February Starlite Purple Zircon

Symbolizes virtue and eternal love. February is a season full of infinite reveries, winter will pass, and spring is coming, you born in February are always full of love and hope, with the eternal love in the tears of Venus, who is in charge of love and beauty.

Bling Runway Butterfly Amethyst Heart Pendant Necklace

March birthday stone blue zircon

It symbolizes courage, bravery, and composure. Just like the crystal waves under the sunny beach, shining the brilliance of determination. Children born in March have a calm blue heart like the sea, courage and reason coexist and forge ahead like the waves.

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April birthstone crystal clear colorless zircon

Symbolizes innocence, purity, and eternity. In April on earth, one tree and one flower bloom, and birds whisper among the beams. You born in April are love, warm, angel, with a pure heart like a diamond.

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May birthday green zircon

It symbolizes growth, prosperity, and long-term happiness. Children born in May are like lush green jungles, often glowing with the light of forest life, full of infinite vitality and vitality.

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